How to Keep Your Kia Picanto in Tip Top Condition

If you want to keep your car in as good a shape as when you first drove it out of the dealership, you should arm yourself with maintenance knowledge. Keeping your car well-maintained and taken care of will help keep it from deteriorating. How do you keep your Kia Picanto in as good a condition as day one? Here are some Kia Picanto maintenance tips that may help:


kia picanto maintenance


1. Do engine oil checks and replacement.

You should do these every 6 months or at every 10,000 km use. This is a standard not only for all Kia models but for all vehicles of any make, brand, and model. This benchmark for oil checking and changing is usually set for brand new vehicles.

Meanwhile, for vehicles older than 3 years, a technician should check and change it every 7,000 km if you are using synthetic oil; on the other hand, if you are using mineral based oils, they should check it every after 4,000 km.

2. Check your vehicles fluids regularly

Aside from checking your car’s oil, you will also need to take note of the levels of a few other fluids that your car needs. These include your engine coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and even your power steering fluid.

Failing to check them may result in deterioration; ultimately, that will cost you a lot in repairs or replacements. Mechanics should check coolants at least once every couple of years or when your Kia has travelled a total of 40,000 km. Meanwhile, they should inspect the other fluids once every six months to once a year.

3. Have your tires rotated to extend their life

Tire rotation is not something many people bother to do. What they don’t realize is that when you rotate your tires, you help get the most out of them. Most service centres suggest tire rotation each time you have your car serviced every six months.

You can ask the Kia servicing centre to do this for you whenever they’re changing your oils. You can also ask them to balance your tires for you. Now, while it is advisable that you do this only after you buy new tires or have travelled around 30,000 km, you can ask them to do this after the rotation. This is to ensure that your tires are indeed balanced.

4. Heed the advice of your car dealership

Following the advice of your car dealer for your Kia Picanto maintenance needs is also a must if you want to keep your car running smoothly and looking great. If they advise you to have your car undergo service once every six months, you should do so. This will ensure that it continues to run smoothly.

Moreover, this will also help to keep your car’s warranty from being voided due to neglect and failure such as failing to follow your dealer’s maintenance schedule. If your car is already beyond its warranty and you want to have it checked and serviced by the same shop, ask about Kia special offers so you can reduce the cost.


At the end of the day, the only thing that keeps your car from looking worse for wear is how much attention you pay to it. Taking it for regular servicing, being diligent in keeping track of your mileage, and following these guidelines for proper maintenance—these will help keep your car looking and running like new.

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Post Author: Harry Bennett