Online Branding Tips for Effective Charity Fundraising

Having a unique brand expression can form an important part of your work and it is, therefore, important for organizations to establish their brand image at the very beginning. It should align well with both the vision and mission of the organization. Good branding will be particularly crucial when your organization is attempting to launch certain fundraising events, campaigns or even programs. You will be riding on your brand and reputation in order to get people on board to your nonprofit causes. UK fundraising agency can help you in establishing consistency in your branding message that will help you in meeting your fundraising goals.

If you are looking for charity marketing help, here are some strategies that your nonprofit organization can implement in its branding in order to achieve the best results and ROI from its marketing:

Use Logo and Color Scheme in all Marketing Channels

Consistency is very important when it comes to charity branding. Ensure you have your logo along with color scheme across all the channels and marketing materials for your charity. Consistency and quality of being easily recognizable is very key to helping charities reach their target market. Ensure you keep your colors and logos consistent in all your marketing portals including Facebook, Twitter, blog, website, digital creatives and even in print publications. You need to come up with creative ways of branding your collateral including the newsletters, brochures, flyers, emails and various other online and offline marketing efforts. A UK fundraising agency can help you create consistent messaging across all channels during your online and offline fundraising.

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The mission and messaging strategy must be consistent

It is very important to use consistent messaging in your charity marketing. Use every opportunity to showcase your mission. Having a very consistent and thorough message as well as mission statement will help ensure that your target audience are able to connect with and internalize your message.

Ensure buy-in by everyone in the organization

Everyone in the organization must be familiar with the brand as well as the vision of the charity. They need to be well acquainted with your mission as well as the messaging. They should be capable of talking about it on your online media channels and sharing it with others. With charity marketing help, it is possible for you to create a voice for your charity that will be consistent across all marketing channels. This is especially important amongst new employees along with interns who will be the face and voice of your charity marketing.

Have a campaign hashtag

In an era of social media hashtags, it is impossible to visualize any social media campaign without a hashtag. You will need to be creative and come with something catchy that will be remarkable amongst your target market. This will be especially important if you want to carry out viral marketing for your campaigns. Hashtags offer the best way in which you can associate your brand with social media conversations. There are organizations which offer online marketing for charities that can help you tap into the heart of your target market and give your campaign a soul which will enable create more impactful campaigns. Look for a UK fundraising agency that has the experience and track record in charity marketing and with portfolio to back it up. Visit

Post Author: Harry Bennett